4 Most Usual Types of Headaches (What They Indicate About Your Health and the Best NATURAL Treatment!)

Ladies and gentlemen, we all have headaches. Some people have them when they are tired, some people have them if they don’t sleep enough, some people have headaches when they don’t drink enough water, etc. A quick question – did you know that headaches are one of the main reasons why people miss days at work or school or visit a doctor? Well, the answer is yes and according to the latest statistics (provided by the National Headache Foundation), more than 28 million Americans suffer from migraines alone.
As we mentioned before, there are many different causes for headaches, from the cold to premenstrual syndrome, it can be difficult for sufferers to understand what kind of headache they are experiencing and how to manage their condition. According to the experts, the most common headaches are caused by these common reasons: vascular problem (high blood pressure, toxic overload, etc.), muscle contractions (tension, stress, etc.) and inflammation (infection).

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