3 Ways to Create Egg Carton Masonry for your Dollhouse


1. Rustic

I wanted to first try creating a style of masonry that belongs on an English cottage.


I started by ripping up the egg carton. I aimed for semi-rectangular pieces or ‘stones’ that are vaguely similar in size. I used only my fingers to rip the paper but tried to avoid having jagged edges. I aimed for stones that were roughly hewn from a quarry.  When I had a large pile of these stones, I was ready to begin!

I placed stones by picking pieces of the egg carton, applying a thin layer of tacky glue, and then manually putting them on to the board. The positioning was very flexible. I sometimes ripped pieces further to get them to fit with the rest of the layout. I tried to maintain roughly the same distance between stones, to provide balance.

Once I had placed all the stones and the glue had dried, I was ready to paint! I decided to go with a brownish gray shade to the stones.
To start, I filled a little paint palette with drops of acrylic paint in these colors:

  • oatmeal
  • mushroom brown (a light brown with undertones of gray)
  • antique white
  • moss green

I grabbed a paper towel and a small foam brush and got to work!
I dipped my brush into the oatmeal color, then dabbed most of it off on the paper towel. The key to painting the stones is a light hand. Remember, you can always come back later and put more color in, but it’s much harder to take color out! I lightly brushed color onto the stones until I had a good base coat. If I found that too much pigment had been applied to one area, I used another, large foam brush to blend out the color.
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