Top 27 Cute and Money Saving DIY Crafts to Welcome The Easter


Even though Easter, the most important Christian festival may seem a little bit too far, it is never too early to get ready for the new festival crafts that will be fun for the whole family and your home decorations. The earlier you get this done, you will have the more time for the planning of Easter dinner and lunch. So for that reason, we’ve gathered a collection of super easy and fun crafts for this year’s Easter festivites to inspire you. Especially, most of these lovely egg, rabbit, carrot and other Easter crafts you can try out together with your children.
-1. Make a cool Easter centerpiece like this mix of traditional floral arrangements and a bouquet of carrots:

-2. Decorate the garden tree with bunny door:

-3. Carrots made with packing tape and orange twine:

#4. Make cute pom pom bunny  Easter bunting:

#5. Put your Easter eggs gently in the arms of your DIY cute bunny made out of folded napkin:

-6. Dip the toothbrush in brown dye and flick the bristles to create a speckled effect:

-7. DIY a lovely Tutu Easter basket:

-8. These creative DIY Easter bunny bread bowls are perfect for your Easter dinner:

-9. Turn the plastic eggs into candy filled poppers, and then hang them on a outdoor tree and let children pull and pop, gathering candy as they go:

-10. Easter egg wreath:

-11. Alice’s Easter cup tea party:

-12. Easter dinner wouldn’t be complete without …Bunny Rolls of course:
-13. Easter egg hunt is an interesting tradition that every child love. This is a creative egg hunt idea. The secret is helium-filled balloons:

-14. So cute DIY washcloth Easter bunnies:

-15. Make cute carrot napkins for Easter dinner party:

-16. Make eggshell planters to greet this Spring:

-17. Frame a piece of book page bunny art:

-18. Create a FUN breakfast for the kids during Easter:

-19. Decorate your porch and patio with these cute carrot pots:

-20. Curious little bunny pots:

-21. Make a fun and unique edible Easter basket for your children:

-22. Recycled Easter Bunny Vases:

-23. Easter Bunny left bunny prints:

-24. Make an adorable egg tree for your Easter table:

25. Craft a Mason Jar String Art with Wood, Yarn and Faux Flowers:

-26. A stunning Hope Easter Wreath sign to add to your Easter decor:

-27. Upside down wreath decorated with hanging eggs: