20 Incredible DIY Pumpkins You’ve Got to Try This Year


With Halloween around the corner, There are all sorts of ways to decorate your home, but nothing beats cute and colorful pumpkins. And of all the ideas out there, these 20 pumpkin designs and decorations are the best – sure to impress your neighbors, thrill your guests, and absolutely win at fall!
1. Turn Rolls of Toilet Paper Into Pumpkins

2. Make One From Concrete Using a Candy Bucket

3. Create Some From Felted Dryer Balls

4. Add a Spooky Glow in the Dark Message

5. Build a Colorful Patch From Pallets

6. Upcycle Your Own Using Clothespins and McDonald’s Napkins

7-Embellish a Cheap Set With Metallic Studs

8. Paint a Wood Slice as a Gourd

9. Get a Unique Pumpkin Look With Extra Fabric and Frames

10. Turn Vintage Spools Into Pumpkins

11. Add a Realistic Stem

12. Start a Rustic Vibe With This Railroad Spike Repurpose

13. Make Huge Orange Pumpkins From Pallets

14. Turn Scrap Wood Into Simple 2D-Style Pumpkins

15. Cover a Plastic Pumpkin in Duct Tape

16. Create a Jack-O-Lantern With a Burst of Color

17. Make a Metallic Set of Pumpkins

18. Wrap Dollar Store Pumpkins in Grapevines

19. Set a Sweet Pumpkin Sign on Your Lawn

20. Cover a Pumpkin in Tiny Wood Slices