17 Foods + Drinks to Calm your Anxiety and Stress Right Now [New Expanded List]

Stress and anxiety creeps up on you when you least expect it. Work, school and family responsibilities are enough to give you stress or anxiety.
But then life throws you a curveball — your husband gets laid-off from his job, your car breaks down or there is a death in the family.
All these can really stress someone out and cause anxiety or panic attacks.
Generally people are prescribed pills or some kind of therapy to treat anxiety and stress – did you ever think your diet could help?
Below is 17 foods and drinks you can have that help calm your anxiety and stress. Most are simple easy to snack on foods that require no prep.
Now that I’ve taken the time to write out these 19 food items to help you out – please, take care of your body by trying one or 2 of these foods/drinks right now.
I really hope you practice some self care and give one a try.
What causes stress and/or anxiety? Here is a simple list:

  • An exam or test.
  • An important doctors appointment.
  • A big presentation you have to give at work or school.
  • Making a big decision that could change your life.
  • Your car breaking down/flat tire.
  • Someone stealing your purse.
  • A friend or family member being diagnosed with an illness or a friend or family member dying.
  • Moving to a new place.
  • Starting a new job.
  • Losing a pet.
  • Having a child with health issues.
  • Losing your job.
  • …. so many other things can cause stress or anxiety and even little things like burning dinner when you have guests on their way over for your dinner party.

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