15 DIY Ideas for Autumn Leaves


DIY Ideas for Autumn Leaves

Looking for DIY ideas you can make with autumn leaves? From home decor to crafts, I’m sure you’ll find lots to try here.
I couldn’t wait to make my home look and feel like fall so I got started with a couple of these easy DIY fall craft ideas. I already got started with #1 and #2 and I can honestly tell you, they’re as easy as cake. I’m trying to move along in my list so what are you waiting for? Get scrolling!

The Fall Season means tons of beautiful bright autumn leaves. Don’t you just love it when the leaves change its color? Since we have loads of autumn leaves in our backyard, I decided, ‘why not do something with them?’ I’ve done different homesteading and craft projects every now and then so why not work on something that uses these leaves. So if you have a back or front yard full of autumn leaves, grab some and let’s start crafting. It can even be your next homesteading project!

1. Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder

Decorate your homestead with some DIY candle holder adorned with autumn leaves. Grab some mod podge and start making these adorable mason jar crafts.

2. Super Easy Leaf Garland

You don’t need to grab tons of supply to make this DIY garland.  and you can be done in minutes. And I tell you, you don’t have to stop in the living room.

3. DIY Waxed Leaves

Wax some autumn leaves and I’m sure you can use them for a lot of DIY craft projects, it’s as easy as 1-2-3! This may be a good step to add to the DIY fall garland above.

4. DIY Leaf Flowers

Transform autumn leaves into stunning flowers. And since fall leaves have so much colors to choose from. You’ll have an amazing bouquet afterward.


5. Resin Tree Ornaments

Resin Tree Ornaments | 15 DIY Ideas for Autumn Leaves

It’s only a few months before Christmas so why not start making your own DIY ornaments.  (They’d make great gifts!)

6. Dangling Fall Leaves

Dangling Fall Leaves | 15 DIY Ideas for Autumn Leaves

Make your home look whimsical with dangling fall leaves to keep the season lasting just a bit longer. This is a great use of the waxed leaves you might have made earlier. 

7. Fall Leaf Wreath

Fall Leaf Wreath | 15 DIY Ideas for Autumn Leaves

Is there any wreath better than a DIY wreath from fall leaves? I think not! and hang it on your front door or in your home. It will be perfect anywhere.

8. DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls

DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls | 15 DIY Ideas for Autumn Leaves

There are so many wondrous things you can make with modge podge. Add this to the list.

9. Dry Brushed Painted Leaves

Just paint some dry leaves, stick them in a frame and you have yourself an easy DIY wall art. If you don’t want to use it for that, be creative and try other ideas. Get the steps here.

10. Fall Leaf Tree

Put those fall leaves into a tree with this DIY topiary. It will be like they never fell off in the first place.

11. DIY Fall Crown with Leaves

Tired of making flower crowns? Why not make a fall leaf crown instead? Be the mistress of fall with this gorgeous headpiece.

12. Paper Punching Autumn Leaves

Paper Punching Autumn Leaves | 15 DIY Ideas for Autumn Leaves

Did you know you can use autumn leaves for your scrapbook? You just need different shaped punchers to have a great selection.

13. DIY Pumpkin Decor with a Natural Twist

DIY Pumpkin Decor with a Natural Twist | 15 DIY Ideas for Autumn Leaves

Not sure what pumpkin decor to make? Make it all natural with fall leaves. Don’t they just look pretty?

14. Fall Themed Candles Embedding Real Leaves

Want to know how to decorate your candles with real leaves?  and start making them. It will not only make a great decor in your home, but it’s also a good gift idea for fall.

15. Laminated Autumn Leaf Magnets

Laminated Autumn Leaf Magnets | 15 DIY Ideas for Autumn Leaves

Grab some leaves and magnets and make this cute DIY decor. Can you imagine this on your refrigerator door?