12 Magical Eye Makeup Ideas

Ever felt like your outfit is not complete if you are missing your eye makeup? Ever had the feeling like you don’t know where to start when it comes to an eye makeup idea?
Well say goodbye to boring eye makeup and hello to these 12 eye makeup ideas that will make you stand out at any event, party, or special occasion!

1) Pretty in Pink

This look is for any eye color out there. Light pink glitter and dark pink to compliment the look gives this eye makeup idea a 10) Want to feel pretty in pink? Try this look out for any party and you’ll be in the spotlight for sure.

2) Peaches and Cream

Don’t we all just love that peach colored eyeshadow? This eye makeup is especially perfect for entering the fall season. Subtle yet fierce, and perfect for an all day event or meeting the girls downtown.

3) A Gorgeous Sunset

Eyeshadow so good it looks like there is a sunset on your eyes! This is an easy go to look that can be worn for any occasion.

4) Indigo Dreams

This eyeshadow incorporates your favorite nude colors and that pop of indigo we all love. Be bold with this indigo and gold shimmer look.

5)Nude Glimmer

These nude matte tones pair perfectly with the subtleness of the almost peach colored highlight. Simple is the new complex with this vibrant look.

6) Fierce Dragon

This is a look that is bound to turn heads. Turn the heat up a notch by wearing this red eye makeup out for a special occasion.

7) Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Want to get out of your boring makeup routine? Well this is the look for you. Subtle hints of a rainbow in this multicolored eyeshadow idea.

8) Like a True Rockstar

Wake up everyday feeling like a rockstar with this electric look. Aqua blue shadow with a bit of sparkle is the perfect way to turn the volume up on your day.

9) Pumpkin Spice

Where are all the pumpkin spice lovers? Don’t just enjoy your favorite drink this time of year, wear it with this festive eyeshadow idea.

10) Fill Your Days With Color

Want to incorporate more color into your outfits? Here is the perfect way. Put on a simple outfit and then spice it up with this colorful eyeshadow.

11) Natural Beauty

Want a simple and natural look to compliment your stylish outfit? This is the look for you. Perfect for any eye color and easy enough to complete when you are on the go.

12) Snake Eyes

This look is bound to have people entranced by your eyes. Bold liner, gold shimmer on the lid, and rose gold shimmer in the crease. What’s not to love?

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