-Spider lollipops.

With chunks of wire, chenille yarn and black trash bag, you can turn lollipops into scary spiders.


-Halloween Mason Jars.

The Mason Jars are here to stay. These glass jars are customized to decorate the house or gift. An interesting tip is to paint the package with gray paint and spruce it with cobwebs.

-Witch Stockings.

Another idea of ​​Halloween souvenirs are the witch socks. You only need to buy some models with stripes, preferably in black and purple or black and green colors, and distribute them to the guests. Ah! Do not forget to print custom labels to make cute gifts.

-Witch Brooms.

Do you know the traditional little bags of goodies? For they can be replaced by small witch brooms, made with kraft paper bags and pencil without a tip. Look at the image below and take a deep breath.

-Mini pumpkins with candy

On Halloween night, surprise children with small, orange-colored pumpkins stuffed with treats. Each bag can also have small toys.


-Monster Pencils.

One way of leaving the children in the mood for Halloween is by gifting them with monster pencils. The little monsters at the end of each pencil are made with pompoms and plastic eyes.

-Tin Can Tricks

The cans of tomato sauce, which would be thrown in the trash, can turn into incredible ghosts. To achieve this result, simply paint the packs with white spray paint and glue eyelets wide. Inside each can you can add candy.

-Witch Survival Kit.

One more cool souvenir idea is the witch’s survival kit. Inside a small plastic cauldron, you can put striped socks, green mud mask, chocolates, enamel, nail file, among other items.

-Chocolate skull lollipop.

Chocolates are welcome on any occasion, including on October 31st. Besides being delicious, this candy is all about the Halloween mood..

-Succulent on pumpkin.

Is the public at your Halloween party adult? So a good hint of souvenir is the juicy plant inside a Halloween pumpkin. Remember to take the time to sculpt the grimace

-Succulent in skull-shaped cup.

And speaking of succulents, here’s another cool idea: use skull-shaped glass cups to grow these little plants and surprise the guests with a lot of creativity. A dose of green is never too much.

-Biscuit mix.

If you prefer, you can use the screw-topped glass jars to put the ingredients of a delicious cookie. Thus, the guest is able to prepare the recipe at home and never forget his or her Halloween party.