12 Cross Fit Workouts

Here are 12 Cross Fit Workouts anyone can do.

    1. Helen: Don’t go as fast as you can on the first run because you will exhaust. If you are unable to swing the weight overhead for pull-ups wraps a resistance hand around the bar for assistance.
    2. Wall Ball, Burpees: Wall Ball, Burpees is a good combination in the workout way possible. If you do it once, it feels like the ball would be all leg, and burpees an’’ arm, but both actually work all shoulder muscles too far a total body effect.
    3. Sit-ups Lunges: It is a half time workout , is demanding you to push as hard as you can for three minutes , followed by two minutes of rest while this does help to build up cardio , we use it more for training and endurance, so you can push back to fatigue in each half time. You should come close to matching your number, scale it up by adding weight to the lunges.
    4. Pushups: there are probably not the most favorite exercise of many people, but while they can be head to do. You can find easier ways to do them. You do not need to pretend you’re Rocky and do what work for you. Do them on your knees, instead of keeping your legs straight or do they against wall.
    5. Leg lift: these are great for building up strength and muscle your legs. If you find hard to do the exercise with your legs straight them by bending the slightly.
    6. Crunches: The best exercise for building up and strength abdominal muscles, when you are just getting started. Do not worry about getting your head all the way up. You will see some benefits.
    7. Jogging: Jogging is a great exercise for your heart. You can place at your gym while watching T>V and listening music. The only equipment that you will require is a pair of shoes, to eliminate any stress to your legs.
    8. Squats: these are very good exercise for our legs and buttocks, you can even just try these by sitting and standing up again regular chair, if you are finding them to be too difficult. As long as you are able to do a few repetitions. You will be providing some benefits.
    9. Light weight lifting: we do not need to buy expensive weight for this. Just use whatever you can find in your gym. Start out with something lighter such as a can of pea and work out yourself up to heavier
    10. Walking: set a walking exercise machine at your home and can build a small gym at home. If you cannot afford walking machine, you can walk around your home. If you live in an apartment, can go up and down from stairs.
    11. Mary: The first step for Mary is mastering a handstand push up, that require intent shoulder strength. One way to start is to progress from handstand with your back to a wall and the two handstand without any assistance working up to 5 reps.
    12. Angie: Angie along with from is designed to be a benchmark WOD, meaning you can use it to monitor how you have progressed overtime.


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