10 Minimal Makeup Looks That Take 10 Minutes Or Less


There is no denying we all want to look beat-AF everyday and totally slay the world, right? But sparing ourselves only 10 minutes every morning to get our faces looking somewhat presentable, can be difficult even for the best of us. Unless you are wickedly talented at make-up, a caffeine addict or just a really productive morning person (how do you do it?), it can be hard looking our best with only 10 minutes to spare before running out the door. However, here are 10 minimal makeup looks under 10 minutes that will help up our game and make us look insane…

1) The Faux Glow

We all want to look incredible rocking up to uni or the office, but looking like you have a cake-face or used a cement trowel to apply your makeup is something we can all relate too. Because frankly, how do we achieve that airbrush look with only 10 minutes to spare at 8am? We all want to hide that weekend-hangover look, and ‘I haven’t slept a wink for 5 years’ appearance, and the best way to hide all our sins is to create that ‘faux-glow’. Using heavy moisturisers, highlighters, dewy foundation and a face spray can help create this quick fix beautiful look.

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