10 Easy DIYs for Summer


With Memorial Day creeping up very soon, we thought it was a great time to round up some easy DIYs for the short break and to have top-of-mind for the rest of the summer season. These 10 projects are super easy, but high impact, so if you’re taking some down time next weekend or want a few summer projects, this is the post for you!
*Image above: our favorite cat toy ever! A simple DIY scratching post that uses inexpensive rope to lure frisky felines away from your furniture.

DIY Stitched Front Door: Few things say “summer” like a screen door. This quick project lets you add a little decorative detailing to your door that won’t damage the screen or make any permanent changes. This would be so sweet for a backyard wedding to welcome guests.

DIY Instagram Magnets: Everyone on our team is obsessed with Instagram these days, but it can be fun to turn your digital images into something more tangible. This project will result in a fridge full of moments that can remind you of a special trip, time with family and friends or your favorite pets.

DIY Tree Branch Buttons: Who doesn’t love a little bit of nature in their everyday life? This project lets you turn any small branches that may have fallen in summer storms into cute buttons for your shirt or other decorative detailing. You could even use them to add tufting to an upholstered chair.

DIY Painted Leather Sketchbook: One of my favorite things to do – when nobody’s looking – is draw. I had a pretty scary art teacher in college, so I always second guess my illustrative abilities. So when I have some downtime to myself, I like to sketch (or watercolor) in a little book. This project is a quick way to create a custom notebook you can sketch or draw in during summer walks (it would make a great gift, too).

DIY Tape Stencil Stationery: I miss all the letters I used to write to and get from friends during summer camp, so making a few packages of handmade stationery to send them a nice note would be a great way to catch up. If you’ve got some painter’s tape and a stamp pad or two, you’re set!

DIY Ombre Striped Pillow: Pink ombre always feels so summery and warm to me, so this project is a nice way to update your front porch (or any room) with a little dash of summer color.

DIY Woven Balsa Wood Lamp: If your new ombre pillow inspires further home sprucing, this project is a great way to give an overlooked lampshade a little makeover.

DIY Leather Envelope Phone Case: Skip the store and make your own phone case with a few stitches and folds.

DIY Knotted Lamp Cord: If your hanging lights need a little update, inspired by classic camp crafts, just bring them onto the floor with you for a few hours of knotting and tying that will give them a whole new look.