10 Creepy and Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try in 2018


With Halloween coming around the corner, it’s time to start putting together the finishing touches on your costume with stunning Halloween makeup. Very few things can top an awe-inspired compliment from someone who loves your work. That feeling is even more gratifying if you put the man-hours in yourself. Halloween makeup can make or break your costume and can even constitute nearly an entire look itself.
Today’s celebration of Halloween is much different, but just as community involved and spectacular. Check out these 50+ creative Halloween makeup ideas for 2018 we have below, and don’t forget to show us how it went if you tried one out!

1. Bride of Roger Rabbit Halloween Makeup

A combo of Jessica Rabbit and the Bride of Frankenstein is an unheard of Halloween makeup look. People will be wondering how you were drawn bad, even if you are not.

2. Comic Wonder Woman Makeup

Diana and Wonder Woman have been getting a lot of cool costume ideas, but to do so with Halloween makeup means you won’t lose any pieces. This is yet another easy Halloween makeup look on this list that you can master yourself.

3.Rainbow Skeleton Makeup

If Rainbow Brite had a dark side, this would be her aesthetic for Halloween. It’s one of those cute Halloween makeup looks that don’t scare, but still show the artistry and makeup skills of the artist.


4. Aging Horror Makeup

Perhaps your Halloween makeup look is more conceptual, like the aging diva here. Age is slowly taking over her face from one side to the other.

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Aging Woman Makeup for Halloween

5. Rough Day Halloween Makeup

You can create a look that says anything you want it to, makeup is magic – look at her band-aid! This is one of the easiest Halloween makeup looks, yet it does require some makeup application skills.

6. Ice Queen Halloween Makeup

Sparkling highlights and light blues really give a crystalline feeling to this look. Ice Queen is one of the characters that never go out of style, so it’s a great idea to embrace this Halloween makeup look this year.

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Ice Queen Makeup for Halloween

7. Holo Galactic Skull

Holo looks are on trend right now, and incorporating the galactic vibe into a Halloween makeup look is brilliant as well. Match that with the right wig or hair color, and some amazing mani, and you are good to go!

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Holo Galactic Skull Makeup for Halloween

8. Inner Galaxy

A steady hand and clever placement can work wonders. Showing the endless starriness inside will gather compliments left and right.

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Inner Galaxy Makeup for Halloween

9. Scarecrow Halloween Makeup

You can scare a lot more than crows with this Halloween makeup look and a skilled light hand. Oh, and don’t forget your straw hat!

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Scarecrow Makeup for Halloween

10. Moonbow Skull Halloween Makeup

Highlights and metallic blended with dark shadow options make the impression that you can do the most with a little Halloween makeup magic.

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Moonbow Skull Makeup for Halloween

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