Strawberry Coconut Body Scrub Recipe! Oh yeah it’s strawberry season and were making an all-natural strawberry coconut body scrub recipe.  This handmade strawberry scrub is high in antioxidants; because of the high dosages of vitamin A and E it is great for fighting aging and anti-free radicals. Did I mention this coconut strawberry body scrub also smells really good?

Strawberry Coconut Body Scrub Recipe:
1 cup sugar (heaping cup)
½ cup coconut oil
10-11 drops miracle glow oil (no longer on
1-2 tsps. dried strawberry powder
10 drops orange essential oil
Recipe Directions: In a medium bowl combine sugar and dried strawberry powder, mix until combined. Once combine add coconut oil, essential oil and miracle glow oil to the bowl. Stir all ingredients with hand or spoon, until mixed. Once mixed add to a medium container and store.

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