How To Stock Your Holistic Home Remedy Kit


Parents often ask me for a concise, simple list of natural remedies they should have on hand for their kids’ minor ailments. Here’s my basic home remedy recommendations list.
Use it to stock your holistic home remedy kit. If your child is prone to specific conditions such as asthma, digestive weakness, or other intermittent, chronic issues. And speak to your healthcare provider for an expanded list.

Your holistic home remedy kit

#1 – Cod liver oil – Like any good quality fish oil, cod liver oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help to reduce inflammation in all the cells of your body. Cod liver oil (when it is not heat-treated) will also contain important vitamins A and D in the proper proportions.
#2 – Probiotics – It is essential to get a daily infusion of probiotics to keep the good bacteria thriving in our bodies. Ideally this will happen through probiotic rich foods, drinks, and condiments, but sometimes we also need therapeutic probiotics as well.
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