How to make Tea pot fountain instructions.


Here are the instructions of how we made my tea pot fountain. Hope it helps with all of you who are interested!

Here is my tea pot fountain in full bloom.

We drilled a a hole in the tea pot and then threaded it. We attached flanges to a solid concrete block to support both the tea pot and the gold pan. The block is heavy enough to support the weight of the unit underwater.

We then built a support for the gold pan and dropped the unit into the whiskey barrel. We added a fountain pump and inserted tubing up through the tee on the bottom of the pipe that supports the tea pot and into the tea pot.

Add water and your done! The unit is free standing so it can be leveled and no holes are drilled in the whiskey barrel. I put it all away every winter and take it out and set it up in the spring.

Last year we poured a concrete base that the whiskey barrel sits on so it doesn’t sink into the dirt.