Grow Carrots From Carrots


To determine if carrot tops are good to you in a salad, try them first. They can be eaten, but leave it to your taste to decide if they are good. Some people think they are not so good raw, others like them in salads. They are very nutritious, so if you can find a way to use them that you like, do. Be sure to clean thoroughly since their tops can harbor a lot of grit. Some people use them as garnish, like parsley. They also add nice green color when chopped and added to dishes, such as layered in lasagne. More people tend to use them cooked, especially in soups, than raw. They might be enjoyed stir fried or sauted with mushrooms and wine, in juiced vegetable drinks, as a steeped hot tea, or in small amounts in mixed cooked greens.

It’s the time of year to stop discarding carrot tops and start recycling them into centerpieces for the spring holiday table. Kids will have fun watching these leftovers sprout new greens and then planting them in little pots. It’s a good way to learn about recycling, planting and how plants grow.
Turning carrot tops into frilly greens is simple and it’s a clever way to reuse the tops of carrots you’d probably toss on the compost pile or into the garbage disposal. You won’t be able to grow carrots from the tops, but they can be used as a mini-science experiment to show kids a carrot top contains everything it needs for a new plant to grow.
Children can get involved in the process by caring for the carrot top and by measuring and recording the green’s growth. They can also decide when it’s time to plant.


  1. Select fresh carrots (not baby carrots) that sport a little green on the top.
  2. Cut off the top 2 inches from the crown of one or more carrots.
  3. Place the tops in a shallow saucer, cut side down.
  4. Add water so that half of the carrot top is submerged in the water.
  5. Place the saucer on a windowsill where it will get light.
  6. Add water to the saucer as needed to keep the tops from drying out.

The carrot tops will sprout in about 1-2 weeks.