How to Make Candy Cane Sleighs with Candy Bars for Christmas! These make the best DIY Christmas gifts! Perfect for teachers, friends and family!
We love finding cute food crafts for the holiday! Some of our favorites are our Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups and our Candy Cane Christmas Trees. These are both super easy and great to shake up your Christmas Cookie Swap!

These Candy Cane Sleighs are the best DIY Christmas gifts! I mean, seriously… how cute are they!  These adorable DIY holiday gifts will be perfect to give to friends, family, coaches, teachers…. really anyone!  Keep them in your car for those JIC (just in case) gifts!
This is super easy and crazy cute. Not only are they are great gift to have on hand, they also make a really cute present toppers! That’s right, just wrap your gift up and put the candy cane sleigh on top. Best. Gift. Ever.
Side note – if you are looking for a really cute holiday or Christmas recipe that is super easy and great to give as a gift too I have a few to check out!

  • Melted Snowman Chocolate Bar (so yum!)
  • Peppermint Candy Bowl – these are super popular and make a really great gift too!!
  • DIY Peppermint Candy Spoons – these are super with a little package of hot chocolate!
  • Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups – these cookie cups are terrific for cookie exchange!

Key ingredient needed here – GLUE DOTS! These things are game changers! For real…serious game changers. You don’t want to use tape, because it just won’t hold well. And of course, you cannot use a glue gun… my most favorite crafting tool ever, because, obviously it will melt the chocolate and we do not want to do that. So glue dots are a must have!
The other things you need to find is some super cute wrapping paper! Feel free to get creative with the candy canes. They make so many great flavors now, like Jelly Belly Candy Canes, Bacon Flavored Candy Canes, Pickled Flavored Candy Canes (ummm…Yuck!) – they basically have everything these days!..

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