DIY – Snowflake Christmas Ornament

I guess you can use a hand saw, but that would be intense work (totally not my thing). I decided to use my Rockwell – BladeRunner saw, and it worked like a charm at cutting all those little flakes. 🙂
I’m telling you, I got lots of them, more than 100! And they all needed the little hole to pass the ribbon from where to hang. The only problem was, I got too excited with my awesome drill, and instead of drilling only one little hole, I made five, six, and even eight holes on some of the flakes.
Don’t worry, that goes FAST. 😉
Then, it was time to play with the wood burning tool. At first, I made a rough draft with a pencil, but after the tenth design, I was a pro! Well, almost.
This is one of those tasks you want to complete while watching one of your favorite TV series, take a break until the next episode and continue.  I haven’t finished all of them, and no, I don’t watch much TV, no TV series for me, I guess I’m going debate after debate until election day! 😀
But, I love what I’ve done so far! I’m thinking of giving them as little sets to family and friends.
Of course, I’m going to keep some of them to decorate my Christmas tree…
And maybe some more to use as present tags. Ha, I just thought of adding names to some of those. Talk about personalization. 😉
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