DIY Reusable Food Wrap


Is reusable food wrap difficult to care for?

Nope. Just wash them in cool water with mild dish soap and allow to air dry.

Now, a few notes:

  • To use, just place over a bowl or container, wrap around food like cheese, or fold into a snack bag. The warmth from your hands will mold the wrap into the desired shape.
  • They can be washed with cold water and a mild soap ( I use castile soap)
  • Since they cannot be washed with hot water they are not recommended for meat
  • Items like cheese, vegetables, fruits, nuts, sandwiches, etc. can be wrapped up. Items that contain a lot of moisture (like jello) should not be placed in snack bags
  • Depending on how frequently they’re used, they can last for up to a year. After that all you need to so is re-wax them in order to keep using them.

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