DIY Glitter Owl Christmas Ornament


I was looking through some catalog the other day and they had these cute glass owl ornaments. Basically, they were a Christmas ball with indentations for the eyes. It got me thinking of a version I could make with the clear Christmas balls I had around and some glitter.

Isn’t he cute? I love the way the glitter really sparkles and catches the light on the tree.
This is a super easy ornament to make, a little messy as glitter always is, but easy. I used a clear ball to make mine and then filled it with feathers. The feathers really don’t show up as much as I’d hoped (maybe white or brown feathers would be better). Next time I think I would do try this on a colored ball, especially a frosted one.

Glitter Owl Christmas Ornament


  • ball ornament, clear or color of your choice
  • sliver and gold glitter, fine works best
  • feathers (optional)
  • two small black buttons


  • fine Sharpie
  • scrap paper
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • glue, something thick like tacky glue
  • small paintbrush

1. Cut a circle from paper to use as a template for the eyes. I used the top of a soda bottle to create mine. Put a little glue stick on the back of the circle. Place where you want the eyes on the ball.

Trace with the Sharpie. Remove the template and place it next to that circle and trace for the second eye. Make sure they are at the same level. Draw a triangle between the eyes for the beak.

2. Use the small paintbrush to fill in one of eyes with a thick coat of tacky paint. Try to cover the pattern line. Then sprinkle on a thick coat of silver glitter and press lightly into the glue. Shake off excess glitter. Don’t worry about glitter stuck to the rest of the ball, you’ll brush it off later. Repeat for second eye and then do the beak with the gold glitter.

Let dry completely.

Once it is dry you a soft paint brush or gently blow on the ornament to remove the excess glitter.
4. Glue the buttons in the eyes. Once the glue dried I used the Sharpie to color the holes in black.

5. If you used a clear ball like I did you can fill it with something like feathers to give it color. I used black feathers which is a little dark on the tree, but really makes the glitter stand out.