Christmas Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs


Christmas Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs:

The base for these Christmas Cut Out Sugar Cookies is the same as last year—a round sugar cookie, cut with a 3″ biscuit cutter. So, even if you don’t have any Christmas shaped cookie cutters, you can still make these cookies! 

The cookies are rich with the classic sugar cookie flavor, thanks to Rodelle’s vanilla extract. It perfumes the dough with a festive scent, and tastes delicious, too.
I made a small batch of royal icing to use on top of the cookies. I love royal icing because it’s smooth and dries perfectly flat. The matte white finish when it’s dried allows any decorations on top to really shine. Plus, the Christmas sugar cookie recipe uses only egg yolks, and the royal icing uses the leftover egg whites!

I use a store-bought tube of shimmery green icing for the Christmas tree shape, but you can always divert some of the small batch royal icing and dye it green instead. Just place it in a piping bag and use the smallest round tip you can find. Then, I separate out my jar of non-non-pareil sprinkles into green and red, and I found a jar of large star sprinkles just for these cookies. 

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